About us

A person searching on Google for information about an iPhone will be returned nearly 1.4 billion search results, including 620 million articles and 410 million videos. Educated consumers want information prior to making purchasing decisions, and ItemShark.com wants consumers to avoid having to search through billions of search results.

ItemShark.com is a consumer tool that allows visitors to search and scan for information on hundreds of thousands of technology products. ItemShark.com aims to be the most comprehensive source of technology information anywhere on the web. Pulling information from friends and partners, including Amazon, BestBuy, Ebay and Walmart, ItemShark.com provides technical information, reviews, price comparisons and guidance on accessories and similar items.

Search online or scan the item in store using the Itemshark Barcode Scanner and see all the information you need, including detailed technical specs and content focused to different product models and storage capacities.

ItemShark.com was formed by a group of people who were tired of trying to filter the search engines to find all tech information they required. So we decided to build a tool, which would allow us to pull all the information we needed into one useable platform. We wanted to be able to access this information while shopping in store so we including a barcode scanner, which meant we could scan the items we wanted, to check the information we needed before buying. Then we decided that you should be able to use this tool too.